Published Work

I have published a number of pieces in the Huffington Post.

I explored the enduring concepts of critical thinking and empathy as they pertain not only to leadership but to each of us, individually, in Let’s Go Back To a Time When Character Trumped Personality.

One of the oldest questions of our collective humanity was explored in What Happens When We ‘Die’?

It’s Time For Us To Be Honest About Our Own Mental Health is as timely today as it was two years ago. I challenged those serving within the Ontario public sector, unions and employers, to honestly focus on truly improving peoples’ mental health instead of compounding the problems through bureaucracy and a focus on the spectre of litigation.

As a specialized professional educator who cares passionately about the state of education in Ontario, I have also published:

It’s Time For Ontario To Cap All Classrooms At 20 Students

Ontario Should Learn From Finland’s Example On Smaller Class Sizes

Don’t Give Up On Truly Smaller Classes For Ontario Students