Mother. Protector. Wanderer. Wonderer.

[Image: Blue floral tea cup and saucer, purple flower bouquet, and books on a white tablecloth in dappled sunlight; original source of photo unknown]


Robin in the Spring

I have been unable to leave my home for the past two days, due to chronic illness. As well, given the events this week, beginning with the death of George Floyd in police custody, I am gravely concerned about those who MUST continue to fight for the very ability to even breathe. I cannot do…

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Eastern Redbud in the Morning

Early this morning I visited my favourite tree, by the brook, again. It was a lovely start to my day. I thought I’d share a moment of it with you. I wish you all a safe, peaceful Tuesday, wherever you are. [Video description: The camera pans from the sunrise through the branches of the Eastern…

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