On the Limits Tacitly Imposed By Communication Systems

Discover something new, fellow talkies. Is your curiosity piqued?

Watch Well

Okay, talkies, I have a dare for you. I’m not kidding. If you are a full-time fluent speaker, I’m actually asking you to do this, even though it is work. Feel free to spread it out over multiple days. (And note: you will learn a lot more if you read each step, do it, and only then read the next step.


Take 128 index cards and a pen. Set aside a pad of paper for later. (None of these things is intrinsic to the task. Feel free to substitute alternate ways of writing if needed for disability reasons. But if you can use index cards, that will help you grasp my point.)


Write out as many of the really important words/phrases/sentences you may want to say as you can, one on each card, without going over 128. You’ll be able to combine things. So if you…

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