Robin in the Spring

I have been unable to leave my home for the past two days, due to chronic illness.

As well, given the events this week, beginning with the death of George Floyd in police custody, I am gravely concerned about those who MUST continue to fight for the very ability to even breathe.

I cannot do everything I want to do in order to support, but I have donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and will continue to look for other ways to help based on what the community organizers tell us they need, and lift up those whose very existence is threatened by the establishment. This includes continuing to educate myself based on centring voices directly from the communities affected.

I will also continue to care for my own health and well-being as best I can, because others depend on me and I cannot take this matter for granted.

I managed to make it out of my home this evening. For a short walk. Even though I felt like the tin man, and my joints were so stiff and painful.

And I’m so glad I did. So grateful.

Sometimes I become accustomed to that which is common to my environment, be I a city dweller or a country girl once again. And I take for granted the beauty right before my eyes.

There is no more sure sign of spring in southwestern Ontario, Canada than the robin.

This bird is so beautiful and yet so common, so I have, in recent years, neglected to appreciate the bird’s loveliness.

On my walk, this lovely baby bird – a baby robin – crossed my path. I am grateful I was able to see her and capture the moment. I hope she has a wonderful life, and I am grateful for the moment of peace I found in her presence this evening.




[Video description: A juvenile robin stands in the sunlight on the grass, then takes cover under a nearby bush.]

[Featured Image: A juvenile robin on a grassy area, in the Forest City on a late spring evening, in May 2020.]