Humbling and Refreshing

This morning I step into the quiet of the forest just off the beaten path, and suddenly I am in an almost entirely different world. Yes, the cars are still audible in the distance, barely, but now I am in a beautiful and lush Carolinian forest, surrounded, everywhere, by what nature chooses for Herself.

I am a visitor here, and a reverent one at that. I simply observe. No timelines, no rush. I wait to see what will unfold in front of my eyes.

At first my interest is drawn to a hole in a very large decomposing tree, still upright, yet taking on a different purpose than it did when it would have been alive unto itself. It is clearly a home, and a place of nourishment, for many creatures.

I see a chickadee and after watching her for awhile, I realize that she is not going to go to the large tree that I hypothesized would be logical for her to enter.

Watch the video, and see where she went instead.

[Video description: A chickadee moves about in a small section of a Carolinian forest in springtime. Eventually she goes into a small hole in a small, upright, decomposing tree.]

I wonder what I will see next time I take a walk, and step into the same space. In springtime, the forest changes everyday. It is a spiritual experience to be here and now; I am taking in what Mother Nature does without the interference of humankind. It is humbling and I am aware of my own insignificance, in a good way.

[Featured Image: A chickadee sits on the branch of a tree in a lush green Carolinian forest]