Welcome to the Neighbourhood: Part 4 (Video of Groundhog Babies)

Spring is a time that is just bursting with life! I was so excited to capture this brief moment today when the Mother Groundhog gathered her babies together and was bringing them home to their burrow after a morning of feasting on fresh tender plants.

They moved so quickly. I guess these little round bundles of fur are not to be underestimated in their ability to move quickly, when motivated to do so! Mom says, “It’s time to go home now!”

(Perhaps they saw what fell from the sky on me earlier; see Part 3)! News travels quickly in small communities.

Regardless, this mother has pandemic preparedness down pat. Well done, neighbour. Nice job, little ones!

Hope they had a good nap when they returned home.

[Video description: A mother groundhog hustles her two young along, quickly. First they appear underneath a fence, then they quickly scurry across a green grassy area to disappear underneath the deck area below.]