Welcome to the Neighbourhood: Part 3

In the minutes following the publication of my second “Welcome to the Neighbourhood” post, earlier this morning, a most peculiar event occurred. I was struck not only by the thought (later) of the concept of land, sea and air, but in a more immediate and visceral way by a pungent and unwelcome spray from the heavens.

Just as I was contemplating and sharing with the world my love for nature, and all the woodland animals in my midst, a large bird of prey circled high above my patio. Apparently it was time to answer their own call of nature, number two, unfortunately, and the tranquility of my morning reverie was broken.

So, large bird in the sky, how is family life for you? Getting lots to eat? Everything moving along nicely? Apparently.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood, birdie.

Or was that a little welcome gift for me?

Eye on the sky, apparently, is in order. Some of these neighbours are for the birds.

Crappy neighbours can happen anywhere, I guess.

[Featured Image: Image of a bright blue May sky, in London, Ontario]