Welcome to the Neighbourhood: Part 2

Presently I am enjoying a cup of coffee on my back deck, and my venture out here this morning began with noticing a handsome male mallard duck on the grassy area just below my patio.

I observed him for awhile, to see where he would wander. Being a fellow wanderer myself, I wondered where a duck like him might go next, after exploring my backyard. It seemed intriguing that he would even be so close to my home to begin with.

Much to my surprise (although in hindsight, it’s spring, so of course this makes sense!), he wandered over to the vicinity of a female duck, camouflaged in the low, green plants of the river floodplain. The perfect place for a duckling nest!

Now, I enjoy eggs as much as the next omnivore, but I won’t be collecting any from these lovely birds. They have a family to raise. May they be happy, healthy, and quack to their hearts’ content.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood, Mallard Duck Family! (Hope to see your babies soon, toddling around!)

I wonder if they’ve met the Groundhog Family yet….

[Featured Image: Female and male mallard ducks somewhat hidden in the low lying plants of the river floodplain, almost certainly in the vicinity of a duckling nest.]