ADHD in the Time of COVID

As a fellow #neurodivergent person (#actuallyautistic), I connected with this article. We notice details, we notice patterns, and others often think we are strange. And yet, here we are, many of us saw the severity long before the majority of the population. Thanks for this great article, “ADHD in the Time of COVID.”

Three Track Mind

I’m having a hard time functioning in this pandemic and I hadn’t put my finger on it until I read Jamie’s enlightening post on coping with COVID anxiety.

I haven’t published anything in over a month, although I have invested time in three other posts that all felt inadequate or meaningless in light of what was coming.

Coming eventually … maybe?

I started the bottom post on the same day Italy locked down Lombardy, which made coronavirus seem like a much bigger deal than what I had remembered of SARS or swine flu. I remember being somewhat concerned about those pandemics at the time, but we didn’t see anywhere near the same extreme social distancing measures that we’ve now seen in China, then Italy, and finally everywhere.

I lost interest in that post two days later.

Clip from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1990 showing the impact area of a New Madrid earthquake that registers 6.7 on the Richter Scale. The section in the bootheel of Missouri says "Most buildings seriously damaged, houses not bolted down move off foundations, the ground cracks." The second most impacted area follows the border between Southern Illinois/Missouri and Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, and the description reads "Drivers have difficulty steering. Towers and chimneys fall, tree branches break, some buildings partially collapse." The third section affects most of Southern Illinois and St. Louis and the description reads "Everyone feels movement. PIctures fall from walls, some windows break, plaster walls crack."

I last wrote about how my love of politics makes me unpleasant…

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