Children, Come Home

Tonight you will come back to me.

Two weeks older, slightly taller.

I’m waiting for you.

Our home is ready.

I have all the food you like, in the fridge.

Oops, I forgot Lucky Charms. I’m sorry.

I’m still forgetful and imperfect.

But home is ready for you.

Safe for you to nest and rest.

I don’t know what you’ll need from me when you come through that door.

So I’ll just be here.

You can cuddle with me.

You can run to your room.

You can play with the cats.

You can make plans with your friends.

I will watch and listen in order to reconnect with you.

To know you, once again.

That’s all that matters to me.

That’s all that has ever mattered.

I missed you so much.

I always do.

The children are coming home.

[Image: 3 bird figurines, an angel figurine holding a pet, and a red wool hat accented by a large bow]